Somewhere along the way, running your business became another chore...
Let's work to change that.

I'm Racheal, a strategy + systems coach on a mission to help busy solopreneurs buy their well deserved time back... 

You started your business to get freedom, but between all your obligations, you've got more to do than you've got time to do it. 
As Lean Six Sigma certified executive with nearly 20 years of experience, I've helped thousands of clients implement strategy and systems into their business operations. 

As a wife, mom to five teenagers, business executive and serial entrepreneur, I used to think I couldn't have it all at the same time. I wanted to run a thriving business, but was stuck doing laundry, wondering what was for dinner and so many other tasks that I couldn't fully get my business off the ground. 

I had so little time left over after working a full time job and taking care of my family, I was exhausted and discouraged, certain that maybe I needed to wait...

Until my kids were older, then maybe I could launch the business of my dreams...

Or until life conditions were perfect and I didn't have any other distractions...

and burning themselves out... beating themselves up... and never taking their businesses to its fullest potential

I see so many solopreneurs struggling to achieve work + life balance...

Discover how to use systems + automation to buy your time back for the things that really matter...

Let me let you in on something, there will never be a perfect time to manage your life and your business. 

After being in the game for almost twenty years, I've discovered the secrets to creating harmony in my household, while creating a business that allows me to scale services and serve others without losing my sanity. 

As a strategy and systems coach, I'll help you identify the personal and business strategies to implement that will help get your life and business on the right track. 

We'll work together to identify road blocks, time and energy sucks all while creating a sustainable work plan that sets you up for success. 

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PROFESSIONAL certifications




I'm obsessed with . . .

Hot tea with honey and lemon, even hotter baths, massages and a damn good therapist

for daily self care

YOU, Dexter and all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy

binging on netflix & hulu

Business podcasts, anything true crime, especially Dateline and Law & Order SVU



I help solopreneurs from across the world manage their life and business with SYSTEMS


Certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Professional


Expanded Run Your Business Like a Boss Bootcamp & Curriculum


Coached my first small business client using strategy and systems


Created Incubator Program for TechTown Detroit


Graduated from Marygrove College with a B.A. in English 


Launched Operations School Coaching & Consulting 


Started by first business at 21 as the owner of a Farmers insurance agency

My Timeline


Racheal has not only helped me organize my business, but she has also supported me through the launch of my new signature online course. Without her guidance, knowledge, and motivation, this huge project probably would've still been an idea that seemed too overwhelming to execute.
Monique Mensah
Make Your Mark Publishing Services

"Racheal is like a business drill sergeant (without the yelling!)"

Prior to working with Racheal, my business was making money, but I lacked systems, and I was manually operating every aspect of my business. She helped me learn how to automate, delegate and scale to multiple six figures in just one year. 
Rebecca Thompson
Rebecca Thompson International 

"Racheal helped me learn to run my business like a grown up"

Prior to working with Racheal, my business lacked the systems it needed to scale and I was overworked and overwhelmed. Now, I'm able to focus on delighting my clients. 
Monica Marie Jones
Monica Marie Jones Coaching

"Racheal is truly gifted operations coach who helped me get my business legit"

Her bootcamp helped to understand the power that I have within my own business, that I don't have to run my business the way that "others" think; but, in a way that will grow and sustain my business.

Tameka Ramsay
T. Ramsay & Associates 

"Racheal challenges you to be a better business owner, parent, spouse, etc."

When I came to Operations School, I had no systems, I was overworked and overwhelmed. Once I learned to automate, then delegate, life on the business front and the home front got easier.

Yolanda Scarborough 
Carolyn's Hope 

"Thanks to Racheal, my business is growing and thriving"

Operations School provided the tools I didn't know I needed to help run my business more efficiently. It was amazing how simple and structured the program was. This program is well worth the investment! 

Chenita Gary
Our Own Wall Street

"Racheal is the Queen of Operations"