I've helped hundreds of solopreneurs just like you learn how to manage their lives + businesses with systems. Here's what some of them have to say...

Client Praise 

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Racheal has not only helped me organize my business, but she has also supported me through the launch of my new signature online course. Without her guidance, knowledge, and motivation, this huge project probably would've still been an idea that seemed too overwhelming to execute.
Monique Mensah
Make Your Mark Publishing Services

"Racheal is like a business drill sergeant (without the yelling!)"

Prior to working with Racheal, my business was making money, but I lacked systems, and I was manually operating every aspect of my business. She helped me learn how to automate, delegate and scale to multiple six figures in just one year. 
Rebecca Thompson
Rebecca Thompson International 

"Racheal helped me learn to run my business like a grown up"

Prior to working with Racheal, my business lacked the systems it needed to scale and I was overworked and overwhelmed. Now, I'm able to focus on delighting my clients. 
Monica Marie Jones
Monica Marie Jones Coaching

"Racheal is truly gifted operations coach who helped me get my business legit"

Her bootcamp helped to understand the power that I have within my own business, that I don't have to run my business the way that "others" think; but, in a way that will grow and sustain my business.

Tameka Ramsay
T. Ramsay & Associates 

"Racheal challenges you to be a better business owner, parent, spouse, etc."

When I came to Operations School, I had no systems, I was overworked and overwhelmed. Once I learned to automate, then delegate, life on the business front and the home front got easier.

Yolanda Scarborough 
Carolyn's Hope 

"Thanks to Racheal, my business is growing and thriving"

Operations School provided the tools I didn't know I needed to help run my business more efficiently. It was amazing how simple and structured the program was. This program is well worth the investment! 

Chenita Gary
Our Own Wall Street

"Racheal is the Queen of Operations" 

You're ready to invest in yourself and your business by hiring a coach and mentor

You're overworked, overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout

You're eager to learn new strategies to manage your life + your business with systems

You're a female solopreneur ready to grow beyond being a one woman show. (Bonus points if you're working a 9-5 job!)

We're A Great Fit If...

-Veronica W. 
Institute of Dance 

Racheal provided all the support we needed to bring our business into being. Thanks to her work, all aspects required for the creation of a new business were taken care of... 

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You're not ready to invest financially by hiring a coach and mentor

You're satisfied operating your business alone, without systems, automation and technology in place 

You're not quite ready to learn how to manage both your life + business with systems

Your business is still in the ideation phase, you don't have an MVP and haven't generated sales yet...

Not  a Great Fit If...

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