As the CEO or Executive Director of your organization, your time should be spent creating the vision. As a fractional COO, we'll work with you and your team to help execute the strategy and bring your vision to life. 

Fractional COO Services




For decades, we were taught to believe that executives needed to be in an office, tied to their desk to be effective. Since the pandemic, we've all come to discover that much of our work can be done from anywhere, anytime. 

As a strategy, systems and operations expert with nearly 20 years of experience, I'm here to help change that...

I'll help your organization develop and execute on operational strategy that focuses on deliverables, instead of hours worked. By identifying your organizational priorities and focusing on implementation, we'll work together to get more done, faster than with a traditional hire, and at a fraction of the cost. 


You're used to seeing a COO spending 40 hours (or more!) behind a desk...

We are helping to change the way organizations think about their organizational structure by helping them focus on value. With effective operations at a fraction of the traditional price, your limited resources can be redeployed into other areas of your operation. 

We focus on value

As a seasoned industry expert, you'll get the benefit of my tactical experience, my relationships and network, as well as the kind of expertise that is priceless. 

You'll get experience

After doing this work for nearly 20 years, my focus is on efficiency, not simply billable hours. I've got an arsenal of tools that can be easily replicated and deployed instead of being created from scratch for every client. As a result, this saves your organization time and money. 

we focus on deliverables

3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

Streamlined operations with clearly documented processes, standard operating procedures and operating manuals that can help create sustainable, long-term growth

Efficient organizational cultures with improved communication, improved employee morale and engagement and increased client satisfaction

Integrated systems that support thriving operations through best in class technology, automation and easy to use processes

Increased cost savings through the reduction of redundant processes, procedures or technology, vendor/contractor management and oversight

Results my clients see...

Thanks to her work, we were confident that all aspects required for the creation of a new business were taken care of. She provided a personal touch as she walked us through our next steps and patiently answered our questions. We couldn't recommend Racheal higher for the services she provides. 
Veronica Williams-Jakubus
Institute of Dance at Marygrove 

"Racheal provided the support we needed to bring our organization to life"

Most organizational challenges are symptoms of deeper issues, such as lack of appropriate systems. I'll work with you and your team to identify pain points and make recommendations that will provide the highest yield results

Let's discover the root cause of your operational challenges, so we can develop the appropriate strategy + systems



Every data set is telling a story. By reviewing what the raw data is revealing, we'll build a culture of data driven decision making  to ensure long term sustainability. 

We'll review the data to discover what's really happening


As a fractional COO, you'll get more than a consultant. I'll work with your team to implement the recommended strategies and ensure your organizational goals are achieved. 

I'll work with your team to implement the recommended strategies


You'll receive all the support you need to implement your strategic plan through a series of daily, weekly and monthly touch points 

ongoing support

We'll conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation to develop a customized implementation plan 

customized approach

During our engagement, you'll receive priority support through a series of in-person, virtual and hybrid sessions

12 months of support

What our engagement includes...

We’ve partnered on one of the most ambitious and transformative projects to support the renaissance of the City of Detroit and I’ve personally witnessed her passion for social impact and dedication to confront injustice.
Wendy Lewis Jackson
Managing Director, Kresge Foundation 

"Racheal is among the most talented professionals I've come across in my 20-year career in philanthropy"

She worked to recruit various organizations to find a home on the campus. These included start-up organizations as well as established entities to utilize the space on the campus.
Sr. Jane Herb
IHM Sisters

"Before Racheal started, the campus was a 'blank slate'"

From helping launch two schools simultaneously, to bringing on dozens of tenants to campus, all during the pandemic, Racheal’s ability to connect talented individuals, provide thought leadership, and galvanize collaborative direction have been magnificent. 
Tom Lewand
CEO, Marygrove Conservancy

"Racheal is one of the most intelligent and passionate leaders I have worked with"

I've dedicated my career to helping others create sustainable organizations with systems. As a serial entrepreneur and non-profit executive with nearly 20 years of experience, I've specialized in being the integrator of organizations, the executor and the one responsible for getting things done. 

My passion is integrating systems and technology to improve efficiency and scale impact; simply put, I want to help your organization do more good. With deep ties to the community, I'm a servant leader with a heart for supporting community based organizations. 

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I'm Racheal, a systems, strategy + operations expert

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